Ear wax removal in Warragul and Berwick

Clear even the most stubborn wax deposits with comfortable microsuction and curette removal at Gippsland Audiology. No syringing required.

Personal Wax Management

Wax is produced by a natural process in the ear canal. Normally it works its way to the outer ear and is flushed away when the hair is washed.

However, wax can sometimes build up making it difficult for the ear to self-clean. Wax will commonly build up in those with narrow ear canals, hearing aid  and ear plug users and can become more bothersome as we age. These factors can stop the wax working its way to the outer ear, causing it to gradually accumulate.

For hearing aid users, this build-up can prevent the amplified sound reaching the eardrum, or may cause the aid to whistle (feedback).

Our method of wax removal is ideal for anyone with a history of eardrum perforation, middle ear problems, previous ear surgery or discomfort with the syringing method.

Our Personal Wax Management Tips

Buy wax softening drops (not spray) from Gippsland Audiology or your chemist*

Once a month, put 2-3 drops in each ear canal at night (according to instructions on bottle).

Wash your hair as usual the next morning, flushing out the ear canals.

Use a twist of tissue to “wick” each canal dry and to soak up any remaining dissolved wax. (Don’t use cotton buds!)

If any problems continue, contact Gippsland Audiology for specialist wax removal treatment

*please check which types of “Ear Clear” you purchase as there are several types and some not compatible with certain illnesses.

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