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Tinnitus can be successfully managed with various strategies.
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Tinnitus is the term used for any sound you hear “inside” your head and is not present in the external environment. It is commonly described as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or sounding like “crickets”. Although there is no cure for tinnitus, it can be successfully managed with various strategies.

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Our Tinnitus Assessment Includes:

Thorough hearing and ear health history, including tinnitus patterns and awareness.

Hearing assessment, including an estimate of the intensity and pitch of your tinnitus (if appropriate).

Expert explanation of results, tailored tinnitus management program and recommendations for further assessment and action where appropriate, possibly result in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist recommendation.

Tinnitus treatment in Victoria

Tinnitus Management

The aim of tinnitus management is to achieve “habituation”. This occurs when the tinnitus may still be heard but does not cause distress or have an effect on lifestyle. Most people are able to achieve habituation, given time.

Consider the tinnitus strategies in our brochure below. Not all strategies necessarily need to be implemented. However, all should at least be considered and feasibility of implementation considered by the individual.

Tinnitus treatment and management program in Victoria

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