Wax Removal

Our highly trained audiologists have the expertise and right equipment to safely and comfortably remove wax or debris from your ears.

Ear Assessment – First, we will look in your ears and assess the degree of wax blockage using a video magnification and lighting system, so you will be able to see the inside of your ear on a screen.

Wax Removal – The audiologist will recommend and explain the best wax removal procedure depending on the consistency and depth of the wax, and make sure you are comfortable at all times. Using a personally fitted magnification and lighting system the audiologist will use a curette (a tiny scoop) for soft, superficial wax and/or micro-suction for harder and/or deeper in-the-ear wax removal.

Pre-Appointment – Please note, softening of wax prior to your appointment is not necessary. If softening is required during the appointment the audiologist can use a softening spray which acts within minutes.