Paediatric Consultation

Questions & Exam – We’ll start off with a series of simple questions related to your child’s hearing and ear health history. Your child will be free to play with the toys in the consultation room, or sit up and join in. The audiologist will then look in your child’s ears using a video otoscope to ensure they are clear of wax (which can be removed if required) and to assess the structures of the ear canal and eardrum.

Hearing Test – The hearing test takes place in our sound-proof rooms, through a variety of test methods depending on your child’s age.  If your child is not comfortable on his/her own, one parent is welcome to accompany your child, however, siblings will have to wait outside the sound-proof room.
Children aged 6 months to 3 years will sit on your lap and we’ll condition your child to turn his/her head in response to a sound, rewarding them with seeing a fun puppet light up.  When children are old enough to wear headphones, we are able to get your child to respond by playing with pegs or animals when they hear a sound. As children get older they may clap or push a button when they hear the sound.

Pressure Test – A pressure test will be performed, which gives an accurate measurement of the middle ear function. It will also indicate if there is air or fluid behind the eardrum.
A flexible rubber tip will be placed on the outside of your child’s ear and slight air pressure applied, which creates a similar feeling to being on a plane. This test does not hurt but it can tickle!

Results – Following all the assessments the audiologist will discuss the results with you and the best recommendation addressing your child’s needs. This might include a follow-up hearing, seeing your GP or a specialist. We invite you to ask any questions. A written report will be sent to yourself and your doctor.