Adult Consultation

Questions & Exam – We’ll start off with a series of simple questions related to your hearing and ear health history. The audiologist will then look in your ears using a video otoscope to ensure they are clear of wax (which can be removed if required) and to assess the structures of the ear canal and eardrum.

Hearing Test – In a sound-proof room you will be asked to respond to lots of different beeps through headphones. We are establishing the softest sounds you can hear in each ear and detect any level of hearing loss.

Speech Test – Here, we will assess what your most comfortable listening level is, what volume you like to listen to speech, and also your tolerance levels for speech. A speech test in quiet and noisy environments will conclude the test.

Pressure Test – We’ll now perform a pressure test, which measures the movement of the eardrum, in response to sound, and the air pressure behind the eardrum. A flexible rubber tip will be placed in your ear and slight air pressure applied, which creates a similar feeling to being on a plane.