Kids Hearing Tests at Gippsland Audiology

Posted On: February 2, 2021

Optimal hearing ability in kids play an important role in their overall development, including speech and language, communication skills and social behaviour. Some symptoms that kids cannot hear adequately include – your child does not respond when someone calls out their name, delay in speech learning and language development, learning difficulties, other behavioural problems, and inability to keep pace with learning at school.

When you go for a hearing test for your child, your audiologist will conduct an in-depth examination of your child’s ears, eardrum movement, and overall ear health. Next, the audiologist will proceed with the appropriate hearing assessment type, kids will respond differently at different developmental stages.

Our audiologists at Gippsland Audiology in Warragul, Bairnsdale, and Trafalgar will assess your child’s hearing ability and will suggest solutions for effective hearing management of your child.

Our experienced audiologists will also prepare an in-depth written report of the consultation that can be sent to yourself, GP and anyone else required. You do not need a medical referral for kids hearing tests.

For all kids hearing tests & diagnoses – book in at your local Gippsland Audiology clinic today.

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