Which hearing aid brand is best?

Widex hear aid family, including behind the ear and in the ear styles

Getting to know that your hearing ability is compromised can be overwhelming, and so is using hearing aids.

However, once you have been diagnosed with hearing difficulties, the next step is to identify the best hearing aid brand to resolve the issue.

The first step is to reach out to an audiologist and discuss with them the available options. Your audiologist will evaluate your ear shape, the extent of hearing loss, and the features you need in your hearing aid.

Gippsland Audiology has no tie-ups with any hearing aid manufacturer or brand. This means that our independent audiologists will only suggest the best hearing aids that meet your specific requirements.

Gippsland Audiology in Morwell and Rosedale has independent audiologists who will help you with finding the best hearing aid and help you enhance your communication and life quality.

Removing ear wax

Wax formation in ears is natural and safe. Ear wax protects your ears with its antibiotic properties and prevents foreign particles from entering the ears. So, having earwax is good, and the ear will clean itself. However, if there is too much wax build up in your ears, you will need to get it removed.

However, do not try to remove earwax with cotton buds or sharp objects. Inserting such objects in the ears may damage your ears and also push the wax further inside. Gippsland Audiology in Melbourne specializes in ear wax removal. Our audiologists have expertise in the safe removal of earwax. Gippsland Audiology’s independent audiologists in Warragul and Leongatha are specially trained and use the latest tools to ensure the best treatment.

If you are experiencing some problems with your hearing, our audiologists at Gippsland Audiology will evaluate your hearing ability through a hearing test and suggest solutions for better hearing management.

How do Hearing Aids Help Hearing?

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Hearing aids identify sounds in the surrounding environment and convert them into a digital signal. The signal is then amplified or increased to generate amplified sound in the ear through the receiver or a hearing speaker.

A skilled audiologist will conduct a hearing test to evaluate your hearing loss and determine the extent of amplification needed for various sound frequencies. While the hearing aids do not treat your hearing loss, it improves your hearing experience by enhancing the sound range as well as offering clarity to sounds and speech.

Several types of hearing aids are available from numerous manufacturers. These vary in styles, features, and functionality. Some are so small that they remain hidden in your ears, while others can be connected by Bluetooth to mobile phones and come with rechargeable batteries.

After your hearing test results, your audiologist will recommend the best hearing aid for your specific needs, budget, and lifestyle.

At Gippsland Audiology in Warragul, Leongatha, and Bairnsdale, we suggest the most appropriate hearing aids to our clients. Since we are not affiliated with any hearing aid manufacturers, our recommendations are purely driven by your specific hearing condition and budget. Rest assured, our audiologists will suggest the perfect solution for your lifestyle and needs.

Kids hearing tests at Gippsland Audiology

Optimal hearing ability in kids plays an important role in their overall development, including speech and language, communication skills and social behaviour. Some symptoms that kids cannot hear adequately include – your child does not respond when someone calls out their name, delay in speech learning and language development, learning difficulties, other behavioural problems, and inability to keep pace with learning at school.

When you go for a hearing test for your child, your audiologist will conduct an in-depth examination of your child’s ears, eardrum movement, and overall ear health. Next, the audiologist will proceed with the appropriate hearing assessment type, kids will respond differently at different developmental stages.

Our audiologists at Gippsland Audiology in Warragul, Bairnsdale, and Trafalgar will assess your child’s hearing ability and will suggest solutions for effective hearing management of your child.

Our experienced audiologists will also prepare an in-depth written report of the consultation that can be sent to yourself, GP and anyone else required. You do not need a medical referral for kids hearing tests.

For all kids hearing tests & diagnosis – book in at your local Gippsland Audiology clinic today.

Can Tinnitus Be Treated?

Tinnitus is a buzzing, whooshing, or ringing sound that an affected individual hears, even when their surrounding environment is completely quiet. Such sounds may be heard in either or both the ears, continuously or occasionally. In severe cases it can cause considerable levels of stress.

While tinnitus cannot be cured, it can be managed with strategies that dilute your tinnitus awareness.

The best tinnitus treatment can be determined by assessing your hearing with a hearing test. Tinnitus and hearing loss are related, and therefore, the first step required is to go for a hearing test.

Audiologists at Gippsland Audiology are experts in tinnitus and offer an in-depth assessment of your hearing ability and recommend the best options for managing tinnitus for you.

How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost?

A hearing test can identify hearing loss, its nature, and also the extent of hearing loss. Trained professionals, known as an audiologist, can carry out a hearing test in both kids and adults.

Your visit to an audiologist for a hearing test will involve understanding your case history, ear inspection, and a hearing test. You will need to sit with headphones with a headband placed behind the ears and be asked to respond when you hear beeps, of all different pitches.

The audiologist will ask you to listen and repeat some words and assess the movement in your middle ear/eardrum.

An in-depth hearing assessment at Gippsland Audiology lasts for about an hour and will cost $168 for adults. If you have a pension card you will likely be entitled to a free test through the Hearing Services Program. Our audiologists also have vast experience in conducting hearing tests on kids.

A hearing test conducted on kids costs $85. Our audiologist will discuss the test results, offer suggestions on managing hearing loss, and also provide written reports to appropriate parties. We are also equipped to conduct a hearing test for employment and special activities including police medicals, driving, and more.