Ethics & Philosophy

Philosophy & Ethics


Our philosophy is to provide audiological services in a private setting with strict consideration of the ethics involved. Out ethical stance can be summarised as follows:

We will not recommend any audiological services, including hearing aid fitting, unless it is clearly indicated.

We will not accept any incentives, such as gifts or travel, from any hearing aid manufacturer. We are not allied with any manufacturer and are not under any obligation to fit a particular brand of hearing aid. None of our clinicians receive commission or bonuses for hearing aids sold. When we recommend a certain brand, you can be assured that this is because we have researched the benefits, not because of any obligation or discount.

Gippsland Audiology Services wants to make hearing aids as accessible as possible, by keeping our prices fair, and usually below industry standards. All hearing tests attract a fee so that all clients pay for services used by them. If we were to provide “free” hearing tests, like some clinics, our hearing aid prices would need to be increased to cover this cost.

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